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Silyon Phonological Inventory - The random gravity floats around [random chat] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Silyon Phonological Inventory [Feb. 17th, 2006|08:28 pm]
The random gravity floats around [random chat]



My phonology section was due today as part of my independent study. So, with the deadine, I actually to decide. Originally posted here in aberwak.

Here is the IPA stuff for my language:

[Vowel Grid]
Front: [i, æ]
Central: [ə]
Back: [u, o, ɑ].

Look at the italics for the equivalent way to say each sound.
[i] = beat or each.
[æ] = fat, pat.
[ə] = blood, about.
[u] = boot, gooey.
[o] = Go, Ohio.
[ɑ] = hot, spa.

[Consonant Grid]

Plosives/Stops: [p, t, k]
Nasals: [m, n, ŋ]
Trills: [ʙ, r]
Fricatives: [f, s]
Approximant: [j]
Lateral Approximant: [ʎ]

Most of those are just like the equivalent letters in English, so I'm not going to give examples of them all... but not all are so straight forward.

[ŋ] = The "ng" sound in sing.
[ʙ] = No English equivalency. The closest is the "brrr" sound. Think of this as a trilled "r" and a "b" at the same time.
[r] = Trilled r. I can't think of a good example for this.
[j] = The "y" sound in you or yesterday.
[ʎ] = The "lli" sound in million.

For real fun, you may want to compare this to the original phonology I came up with. Also, these are still set to change- especially because I haven't really made many words in my language yet. This phonology may prove to be not very usable for whatever reason- and I might be forced to add or delete sounds until I can get something that works. Basically, as the language develops, so will the phonology. As I was telling my linguistics professor today, it's a start for the language. A fairly "simple" phonology- 6 vowels and 12 consonants (compared to the 15+ vowels in English and... uhh.. probably more than 15 consonants, as well).